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From working on the
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the ocean


Our story began on a superyacht, where Julie, an unsatisfied stewardess, grew increasingly frustrated with the industry’s lack of emphasis on high-quality materials, fittings and sustainable options regarding crew uniforms.

Following the founding of Oceanform and creating the partnership, William realised very similar frustrations with the deck team’s workwear. Having worked on several yachts, many held the same story of dysfunctional yacht uniforms that failed to meet industry standards.

Our experience as former yacht professionals has given us an acute understanding of the preferences of yacht owners and crew members, concerning both style and functionality.

This was our opportunity to use our first-hand knowledge and experience to set a new standard, innovate solutions and create a meaningful impact.

We are thrilled to take you along on the journey from working on the ocean, to working for the ocean.

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About us - William and Julie portrait for yacht uniform brand oceanform


We understand the importance of building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. One way we aim to achieve this goal is by offering each sale the opportunity to be part of the ‘Oceanform Initiative’.

Upon completing our free application, clients will receive a certificate that recognises their purchase as a contribution to a responsible brand in yachting. This certificate not only enhances the credibility of a purchase but also highlights the vessel’s commitment to sustainability.

Want to help protect the world’s oceans? Join the Oceanform initiative and become a vital part of our community, where, together with our clients, suppliers, and partners, we strive for a sustainable tomorrow.


In our community looking forward, we want to make a positive change by giving back. The Oceanform initiative will include our effort, which we call 1% for the ocean. This is where Oceanform will contribute 1% of revenues to environmental protection organisations. Working closely with our charitable partners, we will help develop global conservation projects.

Recognising that the superyacht industry has a long way to go before becoming sustainable, we understand that Oceanform alone cannot save the world’s oceans. However, this is our contribution towards fostering a more eco-friendly industry.


We believe that by collaborating, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to make a greater impact. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique sustainability goals and help them achieve those goals through our products and services. We also collaborate with our suppliers and partners to promote sustainability and social responsibility throughout the supply chain.


At Oceanform, our mission is to create sustainable, functional, and stylish uniforms that exceed the expectations of yacht crew and owners. Our uniforms are designed to meet the unique demands of the maritime industry, providing comfort, performance, and durability in all conditions. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support.

Oceanform goes beyond being a uniform brand. It’s a collaborative project and community that we share with our customers, partners, and suppliers. Together, we work towards a more sustainable tomorrow, prioritizing the environment, quality, and innovation.


We have created a brand that challenges traditional design and supersedes current industry standards. Oceanform differentiates itself by revolutionizing how a uniform should look and feel, we are pushing the boundaries on how quality, performance and aesthetics can be incorporated into luxury work wear.

To present an innovative approach, we go beyond just introducing a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. We work with the latest technologies in textiles ensuring that our premium fabrics are carefully chosen and encompass several superior finishes, such as being naturally wrinkle-free, antibacterial, UV-protective, breathable and, most importantly, comfortable and eco-friendly.

Throughout our entire value chain, from design to distribution, we center our efforts on consistently making the most ethical and eco-conscious decisions. We accomplish this by forming exclusive partnerships with local suppliers within Europe who share our commitment to achieving our shared objectives.

How We Work


Contact us via email

Once we have your enquiry, we will send an order form for you to complete. This will include styles, sizes, quantities and any custom preferences you may have.

Custom work

With the returned order form, we will create a digital render for any design work you have chosen.

Order processing

Agreeing on the designs and general order, we will provide an invoice for payment. On completion, we will work on your order straight away.

Enjoy your new uniforms on board

At a time and a location that works best for you, we will make delivery of your uniforms